18 Mini Meals You Wont Believe You Can Make In A Muffin Tin

    French toast cups, easy eggs Benedict, mini meatloaf, and more muffin tin recipes.

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    1. French toast cups that'll be in and out of the muffin tins in time for breakfast.

    2. Very cute baked eggs Benedict cups to impress everyone who ~scrambles~ over to your place for brunch.

    3. Cheesy turkey mini meatloaf so lunch is taken care of all week long.

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    Get the full recipe from BuzzFeed.

    4. A more traditional hearty meatloaf for anyone in need of an easy dinner.

    5. Loaded mashed potato cups and a set of glass mixing bowls you'll put to use making this delish side dish.

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    6. Sriracha mac and cheese so good, you just may eat them all at once.

    7. Sweet potato hash cups I loved making and eating, as will you.

    8. Gluten-free pizza bites just as cute as they are tasty – and they shall be done in under 15 minutes!

    9. Muffin tin deviled eggs so you can create everyone's favorite way to eat eggs without all that peeling.

    10. Mini steak and ale pies that are everything you ever dreamed dinner could be.

    11. Green bean casserole cups to serve with your steak pie for a full, bite-sized meal.

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    Get the full recipe from Tasty's Facebook.

    12. Veggie egg cups you can whip up quickly with whatever veggies you have around.

    13. Yogurt granola cups because fresh, homemade granola parfaits are sooo much tastier than whatever else you've been eating for breakfast.

    14. Chicken chow mein nests you'll want to make over and over again.

    15. Swoon-worthy bacon egg cups that'll basically done in two simple steps – place the bacon in the muffin tin, bake, and then crack and egg into it.

    16. Mini oreo ice cream pies your entire family might fight over. They look so. darn. good.

    17. 5-ingredient chocolate peanut butter cups because dessert is the most important meal of the day, and it doesn't have to be hard.

    18. And peanut butter banana oatmeal muffins so you can use your muffin tins the way they were ~intended~.

    You with your powerful muffin tin creations.

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