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    25 Easy Hair Hacks And Products That'll Save You Time In The Morning

    A wet-to-straight flat iron, anti-frizz sheets, no-heat curls hack, and 23 other ways to get hair that's ready to go in no time.

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    1. Put your hair up in little low buns in mere minutes to make it look like you care.

    2. Or, add a synthetic puff to your natural hair when you're super short on time.

    3. Skip the morning shower and clean up oily hair with texturizing dry shampoo.

    4. Before you get too far in your hairstyling endeavors, try spiral hair pins. They'll give you more hold, and won't fail curly/thick hair.

    5. Stretch your washes and skip styling altogether (almost!) with a cute headband.

    6. Get your hair up in a messy bun and you'll be out the door in under a minute!

    7. Accessorize that messy bun with cute hair clips and trick everyone into thinking you spent tons of time in front of the mirror.

    8. If you're working with a short style, invest in a good pomade — keep it at your desk, and you can tame your bed-head throughout the day.

    9. Find a stylist who knows how to work with your hair type, so your hair shall be easier to handle every morning.

    10. Make those curls last for days on end via a magical potion (aka coconut oil leave-in treatment).

    11. Brush and straighten your locks with an all-in-one straightening brush for amaze before and after pics in under 30 mins.

    12. Commit to the big chop, and save tons of time and money. The less hair you have, the less products/styling you'll need.

    13. Comb through your hair using a detangler brush — it just may be a miracle worker for your hair type.

    14. Save time on your morning hair routine by creating heatless curls the night before.

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    You'll need a spray bottle, soft hold mousse spray, hair ties, a jumbo hair doughnut, comb, bobby pins, and Argan oil to complete this look.

    Check out similar style tips from MakeupWearables Hairstyles channel here.

    15. Use a modern shower cap (good for all hair types!) to preserve those curls, or whatever hairstyle you're rocking, for another day.

    16. Never experience the terror of ponytail indents again with Invisibobbles.

    17. Dry and straighten your hair at the same time using a wet-to-straight flat iron.

    18. Let smoothing sheets do the work of keeping frizz at bay.

    19. Hide dirty hair by pinning up the front — where all the oil likes to hang out.

    20. Achieve the perfect bun with as little effort as possible with this handy wrap up.

    21. Reinvent the ponytail using four black scrunchies.

    22. Distract everyone from whatever state your hair is in with a dramatic hair accessory.

    23. Sleep in these super comfy curlers, and you just might save enough time to sleep in.

    24. Running too late to braid? Clip in a synthetic fishtail braid.

    25. And tame stubborn fly-aways via a toothbrush and some hairspray.

    Walking out the door in the morning with your hair:

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