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    26 Of The Best Gluten-Free Snacks You Can Buy Online

    Feed the GF snack monster within you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A big bag of salt and pepper Kettle potato chips that'll be the best darn chips you ever have.

    Promising review: "Definitely the best chips I ever had." –Oldman

    Get it from Walmart for $4.82.

    2. A six-pack of GF whole grain bagel thins because no one should live without bagels.

    Promising review: "Best GF bagel I've ever had, and only 100 calories!" –Ashley E

    Get them from Jet for $5.19 (six bagel thins per pack).

    3. And a five-pack of the most awarded smoked salmon in the whole country to pair perfectly with those bagels.

    Get a five-pack from Jet for $95.95.

    4. A six-pack of GF double chocolate cookies that I am obsessed with, and you will looooove. Or, try a single box of the GF chocolate chip cookies because self control or whatever.

    Promising review: "These cookies are soft and delicious! Very addictive, hard to not eat the whole box. I have a gluten allergy and recently diagnosed dairy allergy, so I was grateful to discover these cookies." –Rachel

    Get a six-pack of the double chocolate chip from Walmart for $18.24 or a single pack of chocolate chip for $3.48.

    5. A box of vegan Larabars in the best flavor of all time – peanut butter chocolate chip. They are made with only five ingredients and you won't be able to put them down.

    Get a five-pack from Walmart for $4.98.

    6. A four-pack of Kind pressed bars for anyone who can't eat nuts and wants to add more fruits and veggies to their diet.

    Each bar has two servings of fruit!

    Promising review: "Very tasty, I will buy again. " –Danielle m

    Get a four-pack from Jet for $4.97.

    7. An eight-pack of gluten-free summer berries granola you'll be hooked on immediately.

    Promising review: "Super yummy snack! I casually grabbed this at my local Kroger's while grabbing some almond milk, and now I am addicted. Sooooooo good!" –Anonymous

    Get an 8-pack from Walmart for $48.95.

    8. A box of GF strawberry toaster pastries so you can buy many at a time and live your best GF life.

    Promising review: "I have celiac disease. There are very few snacks I eat because they tend to be too sugary. Glutino's toaster pastries are delicious, and are NOT too sweet, despite the icing. I don't toast them, I eat them as is. I wonder why there is a limit of eight boxes placed on a purchase? It isn't fair, as I buy them for my son (he was recently diagnosed with celiac disease) and eight boxes doesn't last long!" –Trish

    Get them from Walmart for $3.98.

    9. A 12-pack of White Cheddar chips for anyone who is ready to fully commit to this ultra delish snack.

    Get a 12-pack of White Cheddar from Jet for $28.67.

    10. A microwavable mac and cheese snack to put an end to cheesy cravings.

    Promising review: "This microwaveable gluten-free macaroni and cheese is just as good as Kraft Easy Mac, and it is a wonderful option for those on a gluten-free diet. It is easy to fix, although I would recommend adding an extra 1/8 of a cup of water to the 3/4 cup in the directions because it does set up and is too dry with only 3/4 cup water." –StardustFiddle

    Get a five-pack from Walmart for $4.68.

    11. And a frozen GF mac and cheese option that'll taste even closer to homemade.

    Get it from Jet for $4.19.

    12. A jar of blue cheese stuffed olives you shall fall in love with.

    Neeeeed it.

    Promising review: "I found these olives to have great flavor, and will be ordering again." –Nancy C

    Get them from Jet for $5.69.

    13. A bag of gluten-free pretzel sticks that truly taste better than regular pretzel sticks, I have tried them and I know the truth, as will you.

    Promising review: "My toddler loves these pretzel sticks. I think they taste better than regular pretzels." –Ashley

    Get them from Walmart for $4.48.

    14. A vanilla bean dessert hummus to go with those pretzels. Sounds weird, but is apparently delish.

    Read our full review .

    Get it from Jet for $4.79.

    15. A dill and sour cream lentil chip that is somehow dairy-free and made for anyone with food allergies (they are also soy-free, nut-free, and GF!) so everyone can enjoy them.

    I have also tried these (I luv snacks) and they are wickedly good.

    Get them from Jet for $3.20.

    16. A bag of apple cinnamon rice cakes with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy late-night sweet tooth cravings.

    Get them from Walmart for $2.24.

    17. A GF non-dairy burrito so you can have something hearty to eat during "probably should be eating dinner but just gonna grab a snack" times.

    Promising review: "So nice to find frozen food that tastes fresh, and is gluten-free!" –kejrn

    Get it from Jet Cold Packed for $2.89.

    18. A gluten-free three cheese pizza or GF/nut-free pesto pizza because let's be real, pizza is the only snack you'll need.

    Promising review (for udi's): "As a former chef and long time GF eater I have tried all the frozen GF pizzas and Udis is the best. Decent thin crust (although can be delicate at times), with lots of premium cheese, and well seasoned. Usually I need to spruce up most other brands with more cheese or garlic, but I have eaten this one right out of the box and enjoy it." –ChubbySpookyOyster

    Get them from Jet: udi's GF Three Cheese pizza for $5.79 or Against the Grain's nut-free GF pesto pizza for $13.33.

    19. A tasty GF vegan snack bite in one of the best flavor combos out there – dark chocolate coconut. You're gonna love it.

    This is the only six-pack I need tbh.

    Get a six-pack from Walmart for $31.29.

    20. A bag of cheddar and sour cream Beanitos that'll satisfy your need for a cheesy crunchy snack, or spice up a nacho dish!

    Promising review: "Tasted amazing." –Sarah G

    Get them from Walmart for $3.83.

    21. A box of GF honey nut Chex so you can indulge in a tasty cereal break.

    Promising review: "When you have a gluten sensitive child, you need a variety of cereals. This is a nice way to eat a sweetened version of a Chex cereal. The majority of Chex cereal can get dull, so this is nice for a variety." –Beth

    Get it from Walmart for $3.18.

    22. A bag of raw organic walnuts to get some healthy oils in your system during snack time.

    Promising review: "The walnut pieces were large and fresh out of the bag. Also, you can't beat the price. Would order these again." –Walkingwounded

    Get them from Walmart for $11.33.

    23. A pack of gluten-free cinnamon swirls for those of us who have a serious cinnamon bun craving but don't eat gluten (me).

    Get them from Walmart for $10.99 (four pack).

    24. A crunchy, spicy, high-protein chickpea snack that just may be the most delish chickpea food out there.

    Get them from Walmart for $7.91.

    25. A pack of vegan, gluten-free instant noodles so you can re-live your college days, minus the gluten.

    I'll take four, thanks.

    Get a six-pack from Jet for $16.49.

    26. And a GF version of Tate's chocolate chip cookies with a serious crisp you are sure to adore.

    Promising review: "Next to homemade, these are my favorite crispy chocolate chip cookies." –Sharon G

    Get them from Jet for $6.35.

    Eat snacks for dinner like:


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