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15 Things To Do To Kickstart Your Career as a Student

Whether you are in your first year or final year, being a student sounds safe for now, but soon you’ll be let out into the exciting world of work. So, how can you get an upper hand whilst your still studying; here are 17 different things to do to kick start your career whatever you are looking to pursue.

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1. Build an Infographic CV

Preparing a regular CV is boring! Why not try checking out an “infographic” CV. If you’re aiming to impress, starting preparing one using something like Canva or Piktochart today. It’s super easy! PS. Don’t try this for a financial role.

2. Clean-up your Twitter

Left a few drunken musings lying around on Twitter? Get rid of them before the interview. Many people panic about Facebook being uncovered, but normally Twitter can be a mine of inappropriate tweets or silly RTs.

3. Watch YouTube

Yes, you heard it here. Get ready with YouTube. No, seriously, search YouTube for the top positions you are looking at, learn from the videos, learn who the top influencers are in your area and start learning from videos. Easy right!?

4. Meet a local

Finding out what your job is like from a real life human is another alternative to YouTube. Find the local directory on Linkedin (we’ll come to that) and pick 3/4 people that might be doing what you’d to do, buy them a coffee and soak it all in.

5. Start a Dribble

Designer/artist? Get your stuff on Behance or Dribble — both sites provide you with an open portfolio for showing off your stuff. People will upvote and share your work, it’s a great way to get engaged with the creative community in the world.

6. Get organized

Organization is one of the biggest ongoing problems for graduates. Get organized now! Download Evernote to organise your notes and documents, get Todoist or Wunderlist for your to-dos and organise your activities with a calendar. Simple.

7. Get LinkedIn

Doesn’t matter whether you don’t do business. LinkedIn is the hub for both local business and worldwide networks. Start an account, build your profile and get hired. Connect with the people you know on the “Facebook for business”.

8. Start your 7am rise

Been getting up at 11am every day since being a student? Scrap that. Rise at 7am at least 4 days a week and get used to that time. The workplace demands your full attention and to be the best you need to start crafting your morning routine.

9. Create a niche blog

In the world of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, connecting with your career idol is easier than ever. If you have one, drop them a message, get some advice from them and use it to begin your journey. It’ll motivate and inspire you.

10. Make a bucket list

Sounds cliche, but a blog doesn’t have to show off your make-up, clothing, and fashion. Document your career kickstart. Blog about a niche that you love, whether it’s apps for dogs or knitting, you’ll build your community in no time.

11. Create a bucket list

Why not? A bucket list will help you with your “life” question, it’ll give you hints to what you want to do for the rest of your life. Whether it's traveling or doing amazing things, it’ll help to map some of your career targets too.

12. Follow the Muse

Career advice is always needed. Tips and advice from the world’s best curators in careers. The Muse is a world-renowned site for bringing together new learnings about jobs, skills and new businesses.


Emailing is another skill that many lack when they enter the workforce, it’s well-worth your attention to start practicing your emailing skills. Whether it’s been you and your friends, practice makes perfect.

14. Learn a language

A language can, in cases, double your chances of getting a job. For an employee, this skill will open up new markets but also allow you to apply to more specific linguistic roles. Try using FlashAcademy, Duolingo or iTalki to boost your skills today.

15. Mindmap your current work

Get an idea of all of the work you do now. Mind mapping your current situation will allow you to take a snapshot of your current progress. This can be handy for looking back in a few months at how far you’ve come.

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