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Hygge: A Danish Word For A Cozy And Serene Way Of Living.

Let's learn something from the Danish

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Hygge: what is it?

Hygge: the danish concept of creating warmth, connection and well-being. Hygge is more about atmosphere and experiences rather than things, even if things contribute to create that said atmosphere. But to understand properly I will make some examples.

Candles: the hygge object par exellance

The 85% of the Danish associate hygge with candles. Candles give this great cozy atmosphere at your home, making it more home-y. Most of the Danish light a candle at least 3 times per week.

Christmas: the most hygge period.

What's more hygge than Christmas? Candles, lights, good food, good people, hot drinks, blankets and movies. Even if outside is really cold the inside of a house is always warm.

Hygge summer

Also summer can be hygge. Living simple and staying with friends is the key. Some lights in the garden, some great people around, some great food and not much more to have a great hygge summer.

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