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  • Help Haiti Even if You Can’t Donate

    “There are many people out there who are not in a good financial place, and those people feel terrible for not being able to donate, especially given the news today, of another earthquake having added insult to their injury. Here’s a way for those who can’t donate, to help.”

  • Obama Does Thriller

    Alphacat (of the Beyonce Obama Single Ladies spoof fame) is back with what he calls his biggest parody so far. It’s been available since November 4th, and as one (of the almost 5,000 commenters so far) wonders why hasn’t this turned viral yet, so do I. I’m sure buzzfeed regulars can help with that. Watch Video ›

  • Did You Know 4.0

    There’s a 4.0 version of the Did You Know thing out. Follow the link to view it side by side (surprise near the end of it…) and compare it with the original (viral) version! View Image ›

  • Guess Whose Sexy Legs These Are…

    Make monday fun again by playing this game. Don’t think of it as cheating your employer of your valuable work time, think of it as honing your detective skills and kickstarting your creative juices. It can only make you a better employee. Your boss should be grateful. Heck, maybe you’ll even get a raise? View Image ›

  • Washington’s Boobs Bared!

    Indeed, it hasn’t been much more than two months and already, the Whitehouse is hosting events such the like of which the world has never seen. Witness today, this unprecedented snapshot of boobs… taken apparently, with no shame apparent on the part of those cavorting in such a manner this photo can only be described as NSFW…

  • Save Rihanna Now!

    Admit it. You want to see this. Even those of you who can’t stand Rihanna want to see this. Why? Because a guy getting a smelly fish (or a flaming bag of poo) thrown in their face is just funny. Now that bit where Perez attacks him with a marker? That’s just mean.

  • Nude Women. Four Score and Ten.

    A short film montage, set to music and featuring hundreds of images of women’s bodies, there to do some pretty important work. A great find for everyone… and especially those who like naked ladies. Bonus: Pregnant Belly photos too!

  • She Was Almost Pants…

    “I got chills. They’re multiplyin’. And I’m losin’ control. ‘Cause the power, you’re supplyin’… it’s electrifyin’…” This lucky cow survived a lightning strike, and luckily escaped a fate of becoming nothing more than a pair of pants worn by Olivia Newton John. People can also survive lightning strikes. Bossie clicks over to valuable information about lightning strikes and people… View Image ›

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