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19 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up Playing Sport In Australia

Growing up, we knew the most important rule was "one hand, one bounce" – because we’re a FOXSPORTING Nation.

1. Running the gauntlet of no hat, no play.

2. Having a tough time waiting for the weekends because you just wanted to play sport.

3. Learning your craft using these plastic cricket bats:

4. Getting out for hitting a six over the fence...

5. ...or Auto-Wickie.

6. Hating every moment of school cross-country.

7. Everyone treating your Athletics Carnival like it was an actual professional event.

8. And the school house chants that got heaps intense.

9. Someone's mum or dad taking things a little too seriously.

10. The one kid who everyone thought would be the next great Australian swimming hero.

11. The glory that was the fundraising sausage sizzle.

12. Making sure you cut your nails before netball...

13. ...and making sure your knees survived the concrete netball courts.

14. Everyone having the one mate who thought wearing headgear made them 10 times better...

15. ...but they'd usually always start on the bench.

16. Always making sure you had your mouthguard, or else you wouldn't be allowed to play.

17. Mum or Dad always having the halftime oranges.

18. Going all out with the zinc or face paint for finals.

19. And finally the post-game trip to a Macca's or a Pizza Hut restaurant.

No wonder we’re called the lucky country. We’re a FOXSPORTING Nation.