What Your Favorite Sport Says About You

Everybody’s got a favorite, and it probably says something about them. No matter what your favorite sport is, FOX Sports 1 is the place to have all the fun. Tune in and put the fun back in sports.

2. Football

Anderson Mancini / Via Flickr: ektogamat

3. Baseball

Sean Winters / Via Flickr: theseanster93

4. Basketball

Ryan Fung / Via Flickr: ryan_fung

5. Hockey


6. Tennis

Bill Brooks / Via Flickr: 8011986@N02

7. Soccer (International)


8. Soccer (American)


10. College Baseball

Paul L Dineen / Via Flickr: pauldineen

11. College Football

Neon Tommy / Via Flickr: neontommy

12. College Basketball

SD Dirk / Via Flickr: dirkhansen
hristinesulkis / Via instagram.com

14. Recreational Kickball

Eli Christman / Via Flickr: gammaman

15. Professional Rugby

siegertmarc / Via Flickr: siegertmarc

16. Professional Lacrosse

Joe Haupt / Via Flickr: 51764518@N02

18. Golf

AESanfacon / Via Flickr: aesanfacon

19. Professional Fishing

Sam Beebe / Via Flickr: sbeebe

20. Bowling On TV

21. Speedcubing

Johannes Gilger / Via Flickr: heipei

22. Life-Size Chess

Corey Leopold / Via Flickr: cleopold73

23. Get ready for world domination, whatever your favorite sport is.

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