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"REL" Is The Throwback Sitcom You've Been Waiting For

Fact: Lil' Rel Howery grew up loving the same sitcoms you did!

Lil' Rel Howery has a new sitcom on FOX, and it's a straight-up homage to the sitcoms you grew up loving.

REL is based on the life of comedian Rel Howery, who portrays a slightly fictional version of his real self, and you can see right off the bat that Rel is a huge fan of classic sitcoms.

Remember how the comedians in classic sitcoms would sometimes play other, more exaggerated characters in their own shows? Well, REL's gotcha covered!

Rel lives in an apartment that looks like this from the outside...

...and (like all classic sitcoms) is unrealistically large on the inside.

He also has a bunch of hilarious friends who always enter his apartment without knocking. Like Brittany, his BFF who's always there to keep him grounded...

...his brother, Nat, who has problems of his own...

...and a colorful cast of Chicago neighbors who love laughing at his misfortunes.

And if those aren't enough classic sitcom vibes for you, how about actual comedy legend Sinbad?!

So if you're looking for an outrageously funny throwback sitcom that will hit you right in the nostalgia, look no further than REL.

Images courtesy of FOX

Don't miss the season premiere of REL, September 30 on FOX!

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