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The Struggles Of Dating, As Told By "REL"


Whether you're single by choice or due to circumstances beyond your control... can be super stressful.

It's nice to have time to yourself, but sometimes it just gets lonely!

It seems like everybody in the world is always trying to get involved in your personal life.

Your parents think there's something wrong with you because you're constantly going on dates instead of getting married and having kids...

...and your friends just think your dating fails are hilarious.

You try to get them to hook you up with their other single friends, but that's easier said than done.

When you go out with someone, it's great! You have fun and enjoy getting to know a new person...

...but you always manage to blow it.

So, once again, it's back to being on your own.

But don't worry! If you keep putting yourself out there and meeting new people, there's a really good chance you'll fall madly in love with at least one of them.

And in the meantime, casual dating can be TONS of fun! It's an opportunity to learn about yourself and do whatever you want whenever you want.

Images provided courtesy of FOX.

So keep your chin up, and join Lil' Rel Howery on his quest to survive the crazy world of dating in REL, premiering September 24 on FOX!

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