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13 Struggles Only Second-Favorite Siblings Understand

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1. When the family favorite got an A on a test, and your parents were like:

So proud. So pleased. So loving.

But when YOU got an A on a test, your parents were like:

So bored. So unimpressed. SO UNFAIR.

2. When you're introduced as "_____'s brother" when your sibling isn't even there:


3. When they get a cool family nickname like "Ace," and you're still called "Pukulele" because of that one time you barfed in the family van:

People change. Nicknames should too.

4. When the golden child is up to their usual shenanigans, and you're like:

But your family's like:


5. When everyone treats golden child's abstract gibberish like it's gospel:

You know if you said that, you would never, EVER live it down.

6. When your parents are all, "We don't haaaaave a favorite":

Then why did you get cropped out of the family portrait last year, hmm? Oh, they don't remember that? HOW SURPRISING. *cries*

7. When people assume you must be in awe of your sibling's intimidating magnificence:

Ummm, no. It's hard to be intimidated by someone you've seen in diapers.

8. When your perfect sib brings the drama over small stuff because they're used to the attention:

Can. Not. Validate. SMH.

9. When you can't help but feel like the favorite is sucking up to your parents: if they need to like you even more than they already do.

10. When the fam favorite just decides what's yours = theirs:

Like they don't have enough already. C'MON.

11. When you suspect that people are a little disappointed when "only you" show up for dinner:

Which means you're going to get to spend several hours answering questions about why they couldn't be there.

12. When their mischief is just ADORABLE to your parents:

You know if you tried this, you'd have to walk home.

13. But you know you can't resent them too much — because, TBH, they're your favorite too.

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