10 High School Stereotypes You Forgot About

High school wasn’t all about the cheerleaders and nerds. Here are some cliques you thought you’d never see again, and for some more seriously adolescent awkwardness check out High School USA and Animation Domination High-Def starting Saturday, July 27th from 11PM - 12:30AM on FOX.

1. The Goth Jock

Changelyng / Via Flickr: changelyng

There are team captains, and there are scream captains.

2. The African American Jewish Kid

Ask him to explain how to celebrate Hanukkwanzaa.

3. The Kid with the Large Head

Jordan Fischer / Via Flickr: jordanfischer

There’s always a kid who goes through puberty head-first.

4. The Sexy Religious Girl

Tonystl / Creative Commons (statue) / Via Flickr: red11group

Short skirts, promise ring, and lots of BJ’s — because she’s saving herself for marriage.

5. The Alternative

University of the Fraser Valley / Via Flickr: ufv

By alternative, we mean search engine. You know the kid who always drops that he uses Wolfram|Alpha like he’s talking about hanging out with Jack Nicholson?

6. The Girl Who is Best Friends with Her Mom

Tammy McGary / Via Flickr: 47152453@N07

When her mom is called in for a parent-student conference, it’s just another chance to hang out.

7. The Do-Gooder

Erin Leigh Mcconnell / Via Flickr: balladist

He’ll either grow up to be a politician or a serial killer. Or both

8. The Perfect, Gorgeous, Valedictorian who is Nice, Popular, and Funny

She will have 3 kids and a depressing Facebook profile in ten years. They say It gets better, but for her it only gets worse.

9. The Girl Who Smells Like Milk

Justin Scott Campbell/Creative Commons (milk) / Via Flickr: dottiemae

We’ve never seen her drinking milk. Why was there a girl who always smelled like milk?

10. The Film Buff

Vancouver Film School / Via Flickr: vancouverfilmschool

He thinks he’s Tarantino and he definitely acts like it, but his YouTube account isn’t quite there yet.

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