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27 Reasons To Look Forward To Nick And Jess Being Together

We all want it to happen. We all need it to happen. If it doesn't happen, there's no love in this world. WATCH IT HAPPEN on NEW GIRL - Tuesday nights 9/8c on FOX. There's a special episode on Thursday night, April 4th - so look out for that, too.

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1. Why should you be psyched about the inevitable union of Nick and Jess?

2. Soon they'll be able to express their true feelings without being under the influence of painkillers.

3. Even their fights will be adorable.

4. Jess won't have to suppress her lady boner any longer.

5. Because this.

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6. She'll learn to love his limited faces.


8. Soon they'll be able to share clothes. They'll double their wardrobes!

9. Purple nurples will continue to be essential to the structural integrity of their relationship.

10. They're weird apart, and weird together.

11. See?? Weird!

12. ...said Jess before she made babies with Nick and lived happily ever after.

13. Oh, and this. This reason.

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14. Yeah. It's you. Idiot.

15. They will have no issues with direct and honest communication - the cornerstone of every healthy relationship.

16. Because they're two misshapen peas in an awkward pod.

17. Because his face here made us all pregnant.

18. Because he doesn't understand how correct he is, here.

19. Did we mention this reason?

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20. Because you're SOUL MATES, Jess. Come to terms with it.

21. Fake makeouts will soon be real makeouts.

22. They just blew the toothbrushing scene from Bring It On out of the water.

23. because nowkiss.jpg


25. Because Jess loves Nick at his most vulnerable. And let's face it, he is vulnerable 100% of the time.

26. Because they'll continue to be adorably and uncomfortably compatible.

27. Almost forgot about this. A million times this.

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