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What Four Sixty Trap House Member Are You?

yeeee hoes

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  1. How many kills do you have?

    1000 fuck it
  2. What can you be caught wearing most frequently?

    Birthday Suit
    significant other's sweater
    sweats n' uggs
    rag&bone jeans
    leggings and running shoes
    ktown grandpapi apparel
    baseball hat
    workout ensamble
  3. go to alcohol?

    De Sauza Gold
    Vanilla Absolute
    De Sauza Silver
    Captain Morgan
  4. drunk munch?

    too fucked to drunk eat #snow
    Little caesers
    pizza pizza chicken bites
    depends on the mood
    pizza pizza
  5. where would you find yourself 12am on a friday?

    Passed out on neighbours couch
    already asleep
    running around ale
    mid-ale dart
    gettin laid (on top)
    in the za line
    bar starring
  6. You're on aux, what're you playing?

    King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar
    Post Malone
    Molly Cyrus- Stitches
    Matt Corby
    Play That Funky Music White Boy- Wild Cherry
    Frank Ocean
    T-Shirt- Thomas Rhett
    Anything Country
    Love is an open door- Frozen
  7. Do you st tropez?

    yes, strictly arms and face
    no, bondi sans BITCH
    yes, mit and everything
    only when lathered by a housemate
    yes, face only
    fuck YEAH- can you not tell?
  8. Whats your ideal girl/guy?

    blonde & mean
    my ex
    plays guitar before intercourse
    big n' beefy ;)
    small dick, has to go in on an angle
    loving and kind
    explorers (likes to do activities)
    fit sexy fun
  9. Your go to catch phrase?

    frig u, *insert name here*
    what a life
    oh fuck eh
    awwww muffffiiinn
    kk lit
    oh yaaaa babyyyyyy
    thats absurd
    no worries pup
    oh shiz
    in a CRISIS!
  10. Biggest turn off?

    virgin, get the fuck out buddy
    bad music taste
    25+ kills
    mean people
    fuck bois
    people who like ketchup
    ugly bitches

What Four Sixty Trap House Member Are You?

You got: JT

Being the boy of the house, you’ve got the most stamina- if you know you know. You’re always down to watch movies and have been known to eat on, sleep on, and christen the goddamn couch. If you could, all you would eat is stupid amounts of meat (sausages are your favourite). Although a highly-respected member of the stages community a mans teeth once jeopardized 15 thousand dollars of your parents money at this club and you didn't even blink. You’ve got the most optimism in the house and let’s be honest, hot frosh… drunk Julie… you do the math.

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You got: Sura Kell

360 days out of the 365 days a year- you are likely in a crisis. You’ve definitely got the most distinct sense of humour out of all of your friends and you give no fucks on social media. You’ve likely made your IG something like, “vodkacran” and posted a pic of the famous lad next door- goodsafepapi. Your booze of choice is Booster Juice, you even hit it up on your walks of shame. Recently visited by a mystery consuela who lights candles- you’re clearly the apple of a special someone’s eye. Notorious for bar make outs, you stay at the club for five minutes before either dipping to make KD or dipping with a housemate of your housemates ex.

Sura Kell
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You got: Stigs

A deep house and hipster rap enthusiast, this politics major has a thirst for knowledge about women and power- watch out we got a #feminist. Enjoys the occasional dumplings with a side of rice and spaghetti, we are told the year of the rooster is looking promising. You likely spend your weekday nights hacking darts and building snowmen with all your friends. May want to tell your wheel to keep polysporin and a bandaid handy- this kitty got claws!

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You got: Cello

Mazel tov, you're the jew of the house! Although you almost never leave your room (hermit bitch), when you do you can be found drunk off captain morgans buying $150 worth of shots in hopes of getting one to your forbidden lover. Not into drugs, but always high off ADHD meds. Hobbies also include face planting in front of any and all prospective wheels but who cares, you're always wifed. Anyways, you've probably eaten all the cheese in the fridge while reading this.

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You got: Ri Malth

Undoubtedly the most wifed of the whole house… hi Austin welcome to your tape. Your favorite food is Quesada or Subway- however far you feel like ubering that day. You only like country music and feel obligated to sing along to it with your terrible voice (sometimes you whip out those awful dance moves too). You’ve got a lot of good qualities but one would have to be nuts to even think about crossing you after 10 pm- that's an hour after your bed time.

Ri Malth
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You got: The Local

Never having left the town of Kingston, except briefly to go to Australia- you have some weird tendencies. You like to eat your housemates food when you come home blackout drunk, you enjoy sleeping in any place other than your own bed, and you st. tropez to the point of another race. You tend to do all this while not remembering absolutely anything the next day. Contrary to your “absurd” subconscious belief- you did toast the bagel!

The Local
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