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10 Secret Signals All Good Mates Should Know

Sometimes a gesture is worth a thousand words - and a wink is even better. Foster's explains the secret language of best mates so you'll always make a #GoodCall.

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1. 'Your ex is here. Don't look.'

2. 'Pint?' ...'Pint'

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3. 'Caution: I had a tough day at work'

4. 'I love ya bro, but there's no way I'm saying it.'

5. 'Did we go to school with him?'

6. 'I've just remembered what I did last night.'

7. 'I need someone to laugh at my joke.'

8. 'I'm not listening to you - too busy eating.'

9. 'I'm Facebook stalking. Guess who.'

10. 'Mission accomplished - see you tomorrow'

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Keep an eye out for your mates: it's always a good call with Foster's.

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