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11 Times You And Your Apartment Were Actually Relationship Goals

Who says your boo can't have four walls? Anyone in a dream #RENTlationship would understand.

1. It was pretty much love at first sight...

2. you tied the knot right after you met.

3. You want all your friends and family to meet this very significant place in your life.

4. And you’re not afraid to talk about your future together.

5. Unlike other things, your apartment will always stand up for you.

6. You've seen each other's many, many flaws...

7. ...but you end every argument with a smile because #love.

8. You have tons of pictures together on your phone.

9. You two can spend all weekend together literally doing nothing.

10. You're really your true self when it's just the two of you.

11. It's the most stable relationship you've had for a while...

...and also the best!

Treat yo self, bae. Find your next #RENTlationship with!