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11 Hilarious Life Lessons We Can All Learn From A Comedian

Because life can be one crazy ride.

We asked Loni Love to give us her best advice in one sentence when:

1. You just want to be famous and in fancy commercials.

2. Someone touches your hair without asking.

3. Your family drama reaches reality-show levels.

4. Someone assumes less of you because of how you look.

5. You’re struggling to figure out what you’re passionate about.

6. You get passed over for a promotion at work.

7. You want kids because they’re cute and all, but they’re also little monsters who vomit on everything.

8. You get stranded with a flat tire, but then a handsome guy pulls over and offers to help.

9. You’re driving with friends on a road trip and can’t decide what music to play.

10. Someone carelessly leaves their shopping cart in the parking lot, and you watch it roll backward toward your car.

11. You need to buy a new car but have no clue where to start.

Images courtesy of Loni Love. Designs by Laura Hoerner.

A little advice goes a long way, especially when buying a car. Get useful financing tips from Loni Love as she goes behind the wheel with Ford.

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