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16 Things Only People Who Carpooled As A Kid Will Remember

Let the battle for the front seat begin...

1. Calling "Shotgun!" for the front seat even though you were farthest from the door was pure savagery.

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2. Because the front seat meant having full reign over the music...

Willeecole / Getty Images

3. ...but it also meant you were poked endlessly by those in the back seat without knowing who did it.

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4. The coolest parents always had the best snacks...

zabfahrts / Via

5. ...or they were easily guilted into buying fast food for everyone.

Ortlemma / Getty Images

6. You got the silent treatment if you were the late kid that held everyone else up...

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7. ...or you got assigned the middle seat as punishment.


8. As you got older, you honed your craft of knowing when and how much to gossip in front of parents or siblings.

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9. And you knew stuff was going down when there was absolute silence in the car.

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10. You were shook the first time you saw other parents in their pajamas in the mornings.

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11. You played endless games of "I Spy," like looking for license plates from different states.

Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious Follow (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Via

12. Or you just waved crazily at other drivers to see who would wave back.

homefry815 / Via

13. You had a carpool name or group chant that bonded you with the other kids.

emilydickinsonridesabmx (CC BY 2.0) / Via

14. And if a cool older sibling drove you instead of a parent, you were officially the hottest ride on the block.

15. Even though sharing a ride with loud, smelly kids was never the easiest...

Michalz86 / Getty Images

16. ...there were still plenty of good times to remember.

Elitsa Deykova / Getty Images

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