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11 Everyday Tasks That Should Be Scored Like Gymnastics

So many deductions. But points for high difficulty! Watch your favorite gymnasts score like you can with the Ford Escape. Life is a sport. Play it.

1. When you don't hit snooze, not even once, on a Monday morning.

2. When you fit all of your stuff for your trip into one suitcase.

3. When you have to walk in front of an audience and you choke because you just can't handle the pressure.

4. When you parallel park like a boss.

5. When you give your cat a direct order and it definitely DGAF.

6. When you're lurking and accidentally like your ex's new flame's Instagram pic from 27 weeks ago.

7. When you remember a password for an account you haven't used since 2009.

8. When you ALMOST slip but you catch yourself because you've got your own back.

9. When you successfully hit all the green lights on your way to work.

10. When you and your squad hit the club in rare form and slayyy.

11. When you get all your work done by exactly 4:59 on a Friday.

We can’t all be pro gymnasts, but anyone can make life into a sport with the Ford Escape. Tune in to see how the real pros do it. Be unstoppable like them.

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