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17 Delicious Foods That Will Bring You Back To Summer Camp

Cutthroat Kitchen heads to the great outdoors this summer with Camp Cutthroat, premiering Wednesday, August 12 at 9 | 8c on Food Network.

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9. Sloppy Joes


Because there's just something magical about this sweet and savory mixture piled high on a fresh bun, and because eating like an animal was encouraged.

14. Popsicles


Because they were sweet, refreshing, fun to eat, and because you could wander around camp while enjoying one and be like, "Look what I got, nanny-nanny-boo-boo."

15. "Contraband" From the Commissary


Because spending your hard-earned tokens on candy and snacks was the most exciting eating event of the week. You could also hoard your bounty for ~secret eating~ later.

16. Ice Cream Bars


Because ice cream sandwiches, fudge sticks, chocolate tacos, and the like were clearly the best thing you could get in the camp canteen. And the kids who preferred sour gummies were to be avoided.

17. S'mores

Because s'mores is a food and an event. Because it was nighttime, because you were gathered around the fire, because you were singing songs, sharing secrets, and making wonderful memories — and that is what camp is all about. And, oh yeah: They taste amazing.

Watch Alton Brown and Cutthroat Kitchen head to the great outdoors on Camp Cutthroat, premiering Wednesday, August 12 at 9 | 8c on Food Network.

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