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    The Ultimate Love Triangle

    The love story of two people in love with each other and pizza.

    To the public eye, The Pizza Queen announced her royalty, passion, and love last year on Valentine's Day.

    Her Valentine was Pizza because no real man was good enough - well, hungry enough - to eat as much pizza as her. And this was unacceptable. So she was okay with being with Pizza until that one special man came along...

    Over time, she realized that Pizza, or the idea of an average pizza loving man, was no longer enough - she needed a king. But not just any king - The Pizza King.

    She searched for 12 months, knowing that her soulmate was out there somewhere eating pizza - she just couldn't find him.

    She looked everywhere... both land and sea.

    Little did she know... he was looking too.

    They were just at the wrong places at the wrong times.

    The Pizza Queen traveled across the world to search for him in the White Villages of Spain, while The Pizza King cried out for his love in the sand dunes of Egypt.

    She imagined how it would feel to be in the arms of her lover, dancing through the wind.

    She was so hopeful that the pizza would give her magical power and guidance on where to find him. They prayed together, in hopes that God would hear.

    The Pizza King became annoyed and disappointed after searching for countless days and nights. He decided his next step was to only look up and search for his angel in heaven.

    Only looking up and still no queen...

    Something in The Pizza Queen told her to look up as well...

    ...but there was still no Pizza King anywhere in sight. So she started wearing a shirt with her phone number on the back in hopes that he might see it and call. 1-800-YASQUEEN

    Nope.... no call. *stuffs face with pizza and pretends to be ok*

    The Pizza Queen journeyed to the Atlantic coast in complete despair.

    She fell to her knees, alone on the beach...

    ....with no King to save her.

    "I hit rock bottom." -Kensington Moore

    "WHY GOD, WHY?"

    *waves goodbye to hope*

    One morning, an angel appeared as The Pizza Queen was fishing for her King in the sea. His name was Joseph. He said he was a prophet sent to share the good news he found buried in the sand on a box of pizza...

    At the same exact time, Joseph also appeared to The Pizza King who was still in Egypt...

    Joesph was sent on a mission to encourage them to keep looking for their royal significant pizza other - he promised they were truly out there. The Pizza King looked up to heaven and whispered "thank you."

    The Pizza Queen ran towards the water with a new fire burning in her like never before. She was so thankful for Joseph's advice.

    Joesph told her to look for him in another source of water. He gained her trust and told her to be expectant and ready to meet her King. So, off to the pool she went....

    She was so thankful to finally relax as she expectantly waited for The Pizza King to arrive...

    She grew weary as hours and hours went by, with still no King in sight.

    She lost it.


    How dare you lie to me like that...

    After deep meditation, she calmed down and rejuvenated her love for pizza.

    Meanwhile, The Pizza King had made it to the California desert, still looking for his Queen.

    *pretends to have hope in finding her*

    *starts to lose hope*

    *also starts to lose hope*

    After one final gaze in the distance, The Pizza King packed his bag and box, and decided it was time to go.

    There was only one place he hadn't looked yet... so that's where he was headed.

    Side note: Even with the stress of finding her King, The Pizza Queen STILL makes time for her community. A true Queen.

    "Thank you for your service." -Local Fire Squad

    Ok, back to the real headlining news... The Pizza Queen had spent all of her Southwest Airlines miles and life savings traveling the world to find her King. It was time for her to get a job. The bad part is that she refused to give up her search while on the job and because of this, she couldn't get hired.

    Not here....

    Not there....

    Not anywhere.

    But then a miracle happened. Was it from Joseph? Was it from The Pizza King? We may never know who sent this sign, but it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen - "PAPA JOHNS - NOW HIRING."

    She was happier than ever and knew she was closer to meeting her King than ever before.

    A nearby Papa Johns store had completely run out of pizza, so they were having other local employees help them out.

    As she arrived with the pizza, look who was standing there waiting for her with more pizza in hand, hungry for his Queen...

    This was a real life Cinderella moment. Before she knew it, she was in a ballgown and he greeted her with a precious kiss, introducing himself as her Pizza King (even though she already knew).

    They embraced one another and celebrated their love with the only way they know how to celebrate...

    Their fairytale became reality as they ran off to Beverly Hills to start their new life together.

    Their love is no secret as they publicly embrace on Rodeo Drive.


    This is what true love is. They know it, we know it, the world knows it.

    They knew that this was their destiny. The Pizza King proposed to the Pizza Queen, knowing he could forever call her "mine." She was everything he had ever wanted.

    "Ain't nobody gonna get my Queen"

    My Love Forever.

    Fierce and ready to rule the Pizza Kingdom.

    Watch out Beyonce and Jay Z - there's a new power couple in town.

    The space between their lips is in the shape of a pizza. Coincidence? I think not.

    If they're not holding pizza, they're holding each other's hands.

    This is: The Pizza King and Pizza Queen. Their love story is a beautiful journey that will live on forever.

    Personal Pan Pizza - Expected Delivery Summer 2018!

    *refer to title*