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    How To Make Delicious Ramen Pizza

    Or just stop by Marco Polo Pizza and ask for the Foodbeast Ramen Pizza.

    Mom-and-pop spot Marco Polo Pizza has been on this block in Whittier, CA for 25 years.

    Recently the son of the pizzeria owners, Joshua Chung, decided to take a shot and expand the menu by one item: RAMEN PIZZA.

    Chung had been making novelty pizzas for his friends during the store’s slower hours and this was one of the best.

    To order the off-menu item, ask for the "Foodbeast Ramen Pizza"

    Or you can make it yourself: The owner starts with a pack of ramen, and splits it vertically to get a thin layer.

    ...then lays it in some freshly-made pizza sauce

    ...then he adds cheese

    ...and pepperoni (or whatever toppings you want) and pops it in the oven.

    Since it’s not pizza dough, Chung has to keep an eye on the pizzas in case they burn. When the cheese turns a golden brown, the pizza’s ready.

    and voila, Ramen Pizza magic: