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    11 Glorious Pizza Recipes That Are Calling Your Name

    Pizza is always the answer. Always.

    1. Classic Margherita Pie with No-Knead Dough / Via

    Since 2006, New York City baker Jim Lahey has published two cookbooks and been the subject of numerous food articles – all thanks to his innovative no-knead bread and pizza crust technique. Get the recipe on Food52.

    2. Roberta's Pizza with Guanciale and Egg / Via

    Roberta's has been serving up perfect pies since it opened in Brooklyn in 2008. This bacon and egg version doubles as a breakfast of champions. Get the recipe on Food52.

    3. Broccoli Rabe, Potato and Rosemary Pizza


    Cooking the potato slices beforehand allows them to almost melt into the rest of the pizza. Get the recipe on Food52.

    4. Cacio e Pepe Pizza with Roasted Radishes / Via

    Because cheese and pepper deserve to go on everything. Get the recipe on Food52.

    5. Leek, Bacon, and Goat Cheese Pizza / Via

    Creamy goat cheese, chunks of salty bacon, and a sprinkling of leeks that have been sautéed in butter, cream, and white wine. What's not to love? Get the recipe on Food52.

    6. Naples-Inspired Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella and Fresh Basil / Via

    This pie is as autentica as it gets. Get the recipe on Food52.

    7. Veggie Pizza with Acorn Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, and Provolone / Via

    A super easy way to use seasonal produce. Get the recipe on Food52.

    8. Pizza with Savory Speck and Arugula / Via

    It doesn't get much better than fresh arugula and cured meat. And melty cheese, of course. Get the recipe on Food52.

    9. Grilled Fennel Flatbread with Olives and Sultanas


    The creaminess of the feta and the crunch from the fennel give this flatbread a great texture. Get the recipe on Food52.

    10. White Clam Pizza


    This is a quintessential minimalist pizza -- just clams, cheese, oregano, and garlic. Get the recipe on Food52.

    11. Butternut Squash and Roasted Garlic Galette / Via

    Okay, so this isn't technically a pizza. But the dough is so flaky and the cheese is so melty that we will count it anyways. Get the recipe on Food52.

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