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    Make Easy No-Bake Icebox Cake With Two Ingredients

    Cookies + cream = cake. Cake = happy.

    Do you, like us, often desire to stuff your face with sweet, sweet dessert but don't actually want to spend a ton of time or effort making that happen?

    Well then, we've got something that's going to make you VERY happy.


    Two words: ICEBOX CAKE.

    And that means just two ingredients: COOKIES and CREAM.

    1. Choose whatever type of cookie your little heart desires. Seriously, go crazy.

    Chocolate wafers, chocolate chip cookies, graham crackers, Nilla wafers — just stick with something that's not too thick and chunky, or it won't meld properly with all the creamy goodness in between the layers.

    2. Whip a whole lot of cream in a big bowl until it's nice and fluffy.

    Make enough whipped cream that you could bathe in it if you wanted (we know you've thought about it) and. if you're feeling extra shmancy, add a splash of vanilla or a pinch of powdered sugar.

    3. Grab yo'self a cookie, spread a fat dollop of whipped cream on top of it, and begin constructing a cookie-cream tower.


    This is the stuff of fantasies.

    4. Make several small cookie towers, lay them on their sides, and connect them into one long cookie caterpillar.

    5. Cover the entire log in whipped cream.


    Do this right and no one will know how messy everything underneath is.

    6. Now, the hardest step: Cover your cake in foil, stick in the fridge, and WALK AWAY.


    Let the cake sit overnight (even though you want to put it in your mouth right now, we know) so that the cookies can absorb the cream and become gloriously soft and cake-like.

    When it's ready (or you can wait no longer) cut it diagonally to get pretty zebra stripes that'll impress all your friends.

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