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    How To Make Delicious French Toast The Easy Way

    Hangover proof. Step by step. Minimal ingredients. Yer welcome.

    So you want to make this.

    Here's what you need.


    1. bread (challah is a strong, smart move)

    2. eggs

    3. heavy cream

    4. butter

    5. maple syrup

    (You can sub milk for the heavy cream but don't expect to be as happy when you're eating.)

    Crack eggs into bowl.

    Add cream.



    Melt an aggressive chunk of butter in a skillet.


    Cast iron is ideal cause it gets mad hot.

    Dip bread into creamy eggy stuff.


    Be careful not to let them drain too much — you want them coated.

    Add the to the hot skillet over medium-high heat...

    And after 1-2 minutes, flip! Your bread should look like this on both sides.

    Try to share.

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