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    How To Make Boiled Potatoes That Are Better Than French Fries

    It sounds inconceivable. It's not.

    Hello, potato.

    Do you want to be magically transformed into something mind-bogglingly delicious? MAYBE EVEN BETTER THAN FRENCH FRIES?!

    Good news! All you need is:

    Step 1: Put potatoes in a wide shallow pan in a single layer and sprinkle with two big spoonfuls of sea salt.

    Use waxy, new potatoes that look like little nuggets (fingerlings are perfect). Get the full recipe at food52.

    Step 2: Add enough cold water just to cover the 'taters. Bring it to a boil until all the water has evaporated.

    Step 3: Turn the heat to low and cook for a few more minutes. Turn your potatoes occasionally until they are dry, wrinkled, and coated with a thin layer of salt.

    Your potatoes will look like fossils or dinosaur eggs, but they'll taste ridiculously good. Get the full recipe at food52.

    Optional step: Make a garlicky cilantro mojo to dip your potatoes in.

    Get the dip recipe at food52.

    You're basically going to pound garlic, a green chili pepper, and salt into a paster, then add cilantro, cumin and olive oil, and — just before you eat it — vinegar.

    Now eat, and discuss why this is probably better than French fries.

    Something to do with texture and subtlety and creamy, snappy bites. Just try it.

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