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11 Secrets Of New Orleans' Most Signature Swizzles

Shaken, stirred, and sipped all over town. Seek out these totally essential drinks from the spots they originally came from, others that are keeping them famous, and those making fresh additions to the crop of classics when you Follow Your NOLA.

1. Vieux Carré – Bar Tonique

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: An original New Orleans cocktail first made at the Hotel Monteleone Carousel Bar in the 1930s

SWIZZLE SECRET: Rye whiskey, cognac, vermouth, bitters, Benedictine (a once-medicinal herbal liqueur originating from 19th-century France), topped with a lemon peel garnish

2. Thousand Dollar Wedding – Boucherie

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: From the mind of mixologist Jordan Odam, and named after the song by Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons from his 1974 album Grievous Angel

SWIZZLE SECRET: Bulleit Rye, Rainwater Madeira (dry wine / apertif), fresh lemon juice, and house-made bitters

3. Day Lady – Cure

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: It starts with the Tequila Daisy — imagine a fresh margarita served neat (NO rocks) with a splash of soda.

SWIZZLE SECRET: This fancier and bright take has touches of evergreen and pine

4. French 75 – Arnaud's French 75 Bar

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: Coined in New York, but bound to land in the Quarter bearing its name – ultimately became famous from being perfected in a dedicated bar that's been named one of the top five in America thanks to the expertise of master mixologist Chris Hannah, who still crafts them by hand

SWIZZLE SECRET: Perfect proportions! 1.25 oz cognac, .25 oz fresh lemon juice, .25 oz simple syrup, chilled champagne, topped with lemon peel for garnish, always in a champagne flute

5. Pho Cajun Sour – Dominique's on Magazine

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: Your typical vodka sour injected with new and surprising globetrotting accents from Mexico to Vietnam

SECRET SWIZZLE: Oryza Vodka (distilled locally in Louisiana), lime, and pho syrup: cilantro, green onions, ginger, lime, habanero salt

6. Pimm's Cup – Napoleon House

Courtesy of Napoleon House

ORIGINS: A perfect summery gin drink concocted in England in the 1800s, but perfected by Napoleon House, which has stayed open in the French Quarter since 1797

SWIZZLE SECRET: Summery splashes like lemonade and 7 Up added to ice, 1.25 oz Pimm's #1 gin, and cucumber for garnish

7. Haitian Sazerac – Loa (International House Hotel)

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: The oldest known American cocktail, originating in New Orleans before the Civil War, traditionally concocted with cognac/rye, absinthe, bitters, and sugar

SWIZZLE SECRET: Handpicked special combinations to make waves like the Caribbean Sea — Barbancourt 8-year Rum, Jerry Thomas Bitters 11, clove

8. Hurricane – Cane & Table

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: Another NOLA original beginning with Pat O'Brien's off Bourbon Street – history says during the speakeasy days, the password to get into Pat-O's was "Storm's Brewin'"

SWIZZLE SECRET: Cane & Table's take has less grenadine than the usual batch, and punches of pineapple let quality rum make the liquor's Caribbean origins take center stage

9. Blonde Redhead – Oxalis

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: Another twist on the sazerac, inspired by the atmospheric-sounding indie band beloved by the bar's owners

SWIZZLE SECRET: High West Silver Whiskey OMG Pure Rye that starts as a towhead blonde shade and transforms into red with the addition of Peychaud's Bitters

10. Ramos Gin Fizz – Fountain Lounge (Roosevelt Hotel)

Courtesy of Roosevelt Hotel

ORIGINS: Henry Ramos got this one together in his own New Orleans bar, the Imperial Cabinet Saloon, around 1888 – it's rarely attempted outside city limits

SWIZZLE SECRET: Super-bubbly seltzer and shaking hard enough to get an egg white fluffy enough to tie the flavors and factors together — gin, lime juice, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, cream, orange flower water, vanilla extract, served straight up, usually in a Collins glass

11. The Baudin – Twelve Mile Limit

Rebecca Ratliff / Via FollowYourNOLA

ORIGINS: A new addition to the family of "born in NOLA" classics, this is a specialty cocktail by mixologist and bar owner, Cole Newton, named for the bar's cross-street in Mid-City

SWIZZLE SECRET: Sugar and spice – ice, .5 oz lemon, .75 oz honey syrup, 1.5 oz bourbon, 1 dash of tabasco, and lemon peel

Bop to all the bars mentioned above – among other essential New Orleans stops – with this handy map, helping you Follow Your NOLA!