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11 Secrets Of New Orleans' Most Signature Swizzles

Shaken, stirred, and sipped all over town. Seek out these totally essential drinks from the spots they originally came from, others that are keeping them famous, and those making fresh additions to the crop of classics when you Follow Your NOLA.

1. Vieux Carré – Bar Tonique

2. Thousand Dollar Wedding – Boucherie

3. Day Lady – Cure

4. French 75 – Arnaud's French 75 Bar

5. Pho Cajun Sour – Dominique's on Magazine

6. Pimm's Cup – Napoleon House

7. Haitian Sazerac – Loa (International House Hotel)

8. Hurricane – Cane & Table

9. Blonde Redhead – Oxalis

10. Ramos Gin Fizz – Fountain Lounge (Roosevelt Hotel)

11. The Baudin – Twelve Mile Limit

Bop to all the bars mentioned above – among other essential New Orleans stops – with this handy map, helping you Follow Your NOLA!