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9 Situations You'll Only Understand If You've Had A Coach

Having a great coach can be life-changing.

1. Hearing “school comes first” at least once at some point during your athletic career.

2. Listening to the same stories about their glory days from decades ago.

3. Getting the “I’m not mad — I’m disappointed” face from them after a bad game.

4. Somehow knowing they’re about to put you in the game without them having to say anything.

5. Sitting through a lot of inspirational pep talks (as well as some confusing ones that just kind of ramble on for an eternity).

6. Playing for another team (and another coach) but still going back to your old coach for guidance.

7. Seeing them do something really athletic out of nowhere and remembering “Oh, yeah, they also used to play this sport.”

8. Ignoring their advice, screwing up big time, and realizing they really are the expert after all.

9. Having them by your side as a coach, therapist, mentor, pseudo-parent, nutritionist, and BFF all rolled into one.

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