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How To Grow Taller Using Medicines

Become taller is the wish of every person. People do many efforts for the growth of height because it is an important feature for your looks and sometimes like if you want to take admission in the army, or want to become a model, and you are short heightened then you can’t eligible for the physical tests. There are many medical treatments and supplements available that help you to grow taller and increase your height. Medical supplements help to the growth of height before puberty, if you have passed puberty, then medical supplements will not help you. Basically, puberty is the state when your growth hormones are in the most active stage. Puberty period ends between the ages of 18-20, but sometimes it depends, person to person’s condition. After the end of puberty period your growth will stop, and then no medicine or any supplements can grow you taller.

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Now the days there are a number of products with countless ingredients, which will help you to grow taller like food, drugs and health supplements in the case of abnormal growth. Now talk about the medicines which are effective and useful:


Mecasermin is an RDNA injection. It provides growth factor to growth failure person. The deficiency of growth factor can be fulfilling by Mecasermin injection and the child can become taller. The dosage should be of Mecasermin is 0.4mg to 0.12mg/kg in beginning. The person must maintain the glucose level, to avoid the adverse effect of Mecasermin. Because of this medicine may be lead to hypoglycemic state.

2. Sermoline Acetate:

Sermoline Acetate releases agonist. It is a kind of growth hormone by using Sermoline Acetate you will meet the need of undergrowth child. It activates the Pituitary gland to release the growth hormone. But if you are suffering from any allergy then do not take this without doctor consultation.

3. Somatrem:

Somatrem is a long term treatment for growth failure in children. It is an injection which should be given to body weight. A weekly dosage of 0.30mg/kg according to weight, excess dosage can harm your health so doctor advice is important.

These HGH (human growth hormone) medicines and therapy are very effective and useful for increasing the level of growth hormones. HGH play vital role to grow taller. Except that there are many herbal and homeopathic medicines are also available, which can help you, but they work slowly, so you should have patience. Another essential elements to grow taller are calcium, and vitamin D, Zinc. Calcium gives strength to your bones; you can take it by supplements, and milk. Make sure that add more calcium in Zinc in children’s diet from childhood.

Also make sure that while taking any kind of medicine and supplements take proper doctor’s advice, and follow all the instructions, excess dosage can harm your health or invite the side effects. Become taller is could be the dream for somebody, the medical supplements can really helpful for you, and increase your height from 1-6 inches, and choose the appropriate drug according to your body suitability.

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