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    14 Extremely Untrue Things People Have Actually Said To Cat Owners

    "You let your cat climb up on top of the ______?"

    1. "Cats are devious. You can't trust them."

    Twitter: @imfckingspock

    So just don't tell it any secrets, then. Problem solved!

    2. "Cats don't love their owners."

    Twitter: @fernanda_1123

    Everyone has a right to their own opinions.

    3. "You let your cat climb up on top of the ______?"

    Twitter: @mtslago

    Would you prefer that I tie my cat down to the floor?

    4. "Wow, your cat sheds a lot!"

    5. "I don't like cats. They're always so angry."

    Twitter: @juliasotherside

    "Maybe it's because Whiskers just doesn't like you."

    6. "Cats are so cold."

    Twitter: @ohtardis

    I'm not so sure about that.

    7. "You cuddle with your cat, but it doesn't actually care about you at all."

    Twitter: @now_udont

    That's not how it is at all.

    8. "Cats only get attached to the house, not to you."

    Twitter: @void_maria

    Funny, because they get very attached to anything that's caught their attention. What if that happens to be a human, hmm??

    9. "Why'd you even bother giving your cat a name? It's not like it responds to it."

    Twitter: @LSOneei

    HAHAHAHA bye.

    10. "Cats don't like cuddling."

    Twitter: @ohyarabella

    Do you even know any cats?

    11. "What do you mean you prefer cats to dogs?"

    Twitter: @Moniiicarvalho

    What? Is that so wrong?

    12. "Whoever owns a cat is the one that becomes the pet."

    Twitter: @jergcara

    All the better!

    13. "Cats only look out for themselves!"

    Twitter: @gabsabreu_

    Okay so maybe my cat uses me, but do I really mind??

    14. "I don't like either cats or dogs."

    Twitter: @brunnafaraco

    Wait wait wait... who asked you again?

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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