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    Only People Who Absolutely Love Washing Their Hair Will Understand These 14 Truths

    A clean hair day is a good hair day.

    1. If you love washing your hair, then you know that the best part of the day is the moment you step into the shower.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    And you just stand there and feel the water running down your head!

    2. You might understand how dry shampoo works, but you don't trust it:

    The CW Television Network / Via Twitter: @IanFansBR

    It's just too powdery!

    3. The one time you tried to go a few days without washing your silky strands? Terrible.

    Twitter: @seouIight / Via Twitter: @seouIight

    Things got GREASY, man.

    4. Which is why you sort of don't trust people who say they can go days without a shampoo.

    Who are these people??

    5. Because you know that half the fun of taking a shower is being able to tend to your mane.

    6. And even as a kid, you were obsessed with shampooing and conditioning your locks juuuust right.

    TV Globo / Via Twitter: @KrystianeSPM

    That tear-free shampoo was your JAM.

    7. You live for the moments when you get your hair shampooed at a salon, because there's nothing you love more than a good head massage:

    8. But really: Nothing is better than a professional taking care of your hair for you!

    Dolgachov / Getty Images

    Just look at how happy she is!

    9. And you love the feeling of freshly washed hair so much that you almost wish you could do it again right after you step out of the shower.

    Disney / Via

    You don't, but like, you could.

    10. If you have dyed hair, you've agonized over whether you should wash it every day or not:

    Twitter: @GuriaDasSeries / Via Twitter: @GuriaDasSeries

    On one hand, you want to keep the color as bright as you can. On the other hand, it just feels icky not to!

    11. You've developed serious allegiance to your go-to shampoo — and chances are, it's one of your favorite smells.


    It just smells like being clean!

    12. When you're waiting for your hair to air-dry, you can't stop touching it: / Via

    It just feels so silky, ya know??

    13. And you secretly wish your hair looked half-wet all the time, because that's when it's at its best.


    Why can't it just stay like this??

    14. And, at the end of the day, you know there's just something about washing your hair that feels like wiping the slate clean:

    TV Cultura / Via

    It's the best way to hit "reset" on everything in your life, even if only for a sec.

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    This post was translated from German.