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    15 Things Everyone Who Loves To Wash Their Hair Will Understand

    Sometime you "forget" that it wasn't the day to wash your hair.

    1. The best moment in your day is when you feel the simple pleasure of feeling the water running over your head.

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    God bless the shower!

    2. You can't understand why anyone would prefer to use dry shampoo.

    The CW Television Network / Via Twitter: @IanFansBR

    Washing is so much better!

    3. When you try to get into that whole "every other day" thing, you just want to die on the other day.

    Twitter: @seouIight / Via Twitter: @seouIight

    It's really hard.

    4. And, when it's not time to wash, you conveniently forget and end up getting your hair wet as soon as you get into the shower.


    5. Ever since you were a kid, your favorite day has been the one when you get to wash your hair.

    TV Globo / Via Twitter: @KrystianeSPM

    That little thrill you felt upon hearing "Yes" when you yelled from the shower, "Mom, is today the day to wash my hair?".

    6. You can't remember the last time you put that on your head:

    7. And, the truth is that you don't even trust anyone that doesn't wash their hair every day.

    Like, what really goes on in the heads of these people?

    8. While your hair is still drying off, you already feel the crazy desire to jump in the shower.

    Disney / Via

    Let's recondition this hotness!

    9. If you dye your hair, you get stuck in that dilemma: wash the dye out quicker, or keep the color (and the dirt?)

    10. And for you, there's nothing quite like the smell of shampoo.


    11. And that softness that only conditioner can give you? / Via

    Touch it! It's as smooth as silk.

    12. If times were desperate, like if all you had was a two-in-one shampoo, you'd still wash your hair.

    Straight Arrow

    13. Getting your hair washed at the salon makes you feel like royalty.

    Dolgachov / Getty Images

    The person in this photo is clearly happy to be alive, which is exactly how you'll feel too.

    14. And, if you could, you'd wash your hair even more times a day.


    Even if it seems like everyone is against you.

    15. Because the truth is that when you wash your hair you feel like your life is all in order!

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    It gives that little boost to your spirits, ya know?