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4 Reasons Why You Must Watch #GIRLBOSS

Girlboss is a Netflix Original Series based on Sophia Amoruso's book "Nasty Galaxy", about how she went from 'being' nothing to being the CEO of her own fashion business (or as she would say; her passion), Nasty Gal.

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1. It represents friendship at its best.


Girlboss demonstrates how hard and important are friendships. In this series you will meet Sophia's best friend; Annie (played by Ellie Reed), the lovable ride-or-die that she meets in jail. You will live their relationship just like you were one of the characters. In other words, it's relatable AF (in all senses, in the good and bad).

2. It's absolutely #relatable


While watching this show you will feel heard and identified more than ever. From feeling like a piece of sh*t, thinking you are useless and not knowing why you are in this world to feeling Sophia's energy running through your veins and being tremendously inspired to try new things and not being scared to fail. Girlboss is real guys, there is not a single piece of fiction in it, you will relate to every part of it believe it or not or like it or not...

3. They couldn't have made a better cast choice.


If you saw the show, did you recognize the actor who plays Sophia's dad?

It's none other than Dean Norris who rose to success during his stint on Breaking Bad and Sophia itself, Britt Robertson hits it hard, what an excellent decision! But hey wait, there's even more!

And did you know that Charlize Theron executive produced Girlboss? WHAT THE HELL?! And... Sophia's neighbour?! OMG it is the one and only RuPaul!!!!!!

Now we understand why this show is DA BOMB! And please, the soundtrack? Speechless.

4. It will teach you the best life lessons.


Sophia's character will make you feel empowered and realise that we all have a purpose here. No matter how much we hate society and how hard it seems to change, we have to follow our passions. Who cares if even the closest ones to you tell you it won't work! Girlboss will show the path of frustration and will lead you through it, until the end, until it's over. It will also teach you how to love and be loved, which is the most important thing in life... The fact that it is so relatable makes you open your eyes. It is never late to do whatever you want and be happy and it's okay to be a bit narcissist (*winkle*).

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