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    20 Target Dresses That Are Ready To Be Worn Every Day This Summer

    If you’ve ever wondered what a real steal is, I’ve got the answer for you below.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A gorgeous strappy dress with a sleek and simple front, and a striking back that’ll make your S.O. gasp when you turn around. With a criss-cross tie and open low-back, you’d wish walking in reverse was the norm.

    A model in the green midi dress

    2. An adorable polo dress that’ll make you want to work out daily. It’s made with a moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabric to help you stay fresh while you sweat it all out on the court.

    A model in the black active dress

    3. A comfy pleated dress with subtle details, like a back slit and halter neckline, that makes it feel super special. It’s great for when you want to look like you tried really hard without actually giving it a second thought.

    A model in the lavender dress with a white button-up

    4. A stunning babydoll dress made from 100% cotton, so you don’t have to worry about staying cool, and side pockets to be able to go completely hands-free.

    A model in the white spaghetti strap dress

    5. A super chic activewear dress I’m absolutely sure you’ll wear anywhere but the gym. And even if you do decide to exercise in it, the built-in bra will support you all throughout your workout.

    A model in the pink one-shoulder dress

    6. A silky slip dress that might get you in trouble at work because if you’re anything like me and can fall asleep anywhere, then this frock might make you subconsciously snooze out in the middle of the day — consider yourself warned!

    A model in the zebra print slip dress

    7. A great oversized shirtdress because sometimes all you need is to feel happy, free, comfortable, and looking fly at the same time.

    A model in the mint green button-up dress

    8. A breathable maxi dress (yes, long dresses can be airy, too) that’ll become the hardest working piece of clothing in your closet — just please remember to wash it from time to time.

    A model in the tropical printed dress

    9. A bright tiered dress with a cinched waist and a deep v-neckline that can chameleon from casual to fancy in a heartbeat. Got a graduation? Grab a pair of kitten heels and a bucket bag. Going to a cookout? Slip into flat sandals and a jean jacket.

    A model in the red midi dressA model in the vertical striped dress with a tiered skirt

    10. A bouncy wrap dress that was made for taking salsa lessons and shimmying your way through the dance floor in complete style.

    A model in the vertical striped dress with a tiered skirt

    11. A teeny linen dress you’ll want to buy multiples of, because honestly, this is as easy as it gets. Oh, and a big plus, the fabric is thick enough so it looks (and feels) dressier than you think.

    A model in the black dress which hits mid-thigh

    12. A spicy fitted dress that looks great on its own, but would look even cooler under a sheer duster — and that way you get the best of both worlds without having to show too much skin.

    A model in the highlighter green bodycon dressA model in the white and blue striped midi dress

    13. A stretchy tank dress with ruched sides and slits that, in my personal opinion, is the ideal vacation outfit. But I’m telling you, it’ll definitely make its way into your everyday wardrobe, too.

    A model in the white and blue striped midi dress

    14. A too-cool-for-school mini dress that’s meant to be worn on your next museum visit. Nothing screams “I love art!” louder than a cute graphic muumuu.

    A model in the short multi colored dress

    15. An amazingly crafted denim dress to put on when you want to add a little flair to your day. Extra style tip: If you could only get one dress this season, you should make it this one. It’s just timeless!

    A model in the front button midi dress

    16. A really pretty knit dress because warm-weather clothes can also be cozy and snug, and it doesn’t harm that it is incredibly stylish.

    A model sitting in the gradient pink halter dress

    17. A strapless dress with a twisted sweetheart neckline made from a textured fabric that’s been recycled. Who said edgy and sustainable aren't mutually exclusive?

    A model in the orange sweetheart dress

    18. A playful midi dress that’ll grace and drape around your every curve. The real beauty about this piece is not the pockets or the A-line silhouette, it’s the wide straps that’ll allow you to wear a supportive bra under it.

    A model in the blue graphic midi dress

    19. A whimsical crochet dress with a fringe hem that’ll hug your figure. I suggest you start planning your summer vacation soon. Next stop? Tulum!

    A model sitting in the natural yarn knitted dress

    20. And finally, a cutout dress that'll magically accentuate your waist and give you an hourglass shape without you even feeling it.

    A model in the pastel coral mini dress

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.