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We Tried "As Seen On TV" Hair-Removal Products And Things Got Interesting

"I'm talking about the vah-jean-jah."

Waxing, shaving, threading - any type of process you do to remove body hair is annoying. We had these ladies try "As Seen On TV" hair-removal products to see how well they actually worked.

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The ladies were fully prepared for the task at hand. We're talking arm hair, leg hair, armpit hair, and facial hair.

The first product was "Vibe." You pretty much scrub (without water and soap) the area where there is hair until it comes off. I definitely wouldn't use this for my vagina.

Vibe comes with a smaller and bigger version of their product. You know, for the more "sensitive areas." How sweet of them...

...I'm with you on this one though, it looks suspect AF.

It worked for some of the ladies and was a struggle for others...

...I think it's safe to say that the girls weren't really "vibing" with this product. Who really wants to sandpaper their skin until their hair is removed? I know I don't.

The second product was "Lumina." A built-in mini-blade to get all the cracks and crevices.

Yeah, I wouldn't trust this mini-razor near mine either.

The girls underestimated Lumina, but it actually worked. If you decide to use it for your legs though, make sure you don't plan anything else for the rest of your day...or maybe week.

Our third product was "Yes!" As in yes, you have found the right product because every other product sucks?

Some of the ladies were thinking of...other things. But, I'm not judging.

Yes! seemed to work for the girls. But, I think they were more interested in how it worked rather than actually using it.

The ladies found it more entertaining to use these products for other purposes.

No matter what you use or if you don't use anything at all, love yourself!