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    We Oiled Our Pubic Hair For A Week And It Was Quite The Experience

    Cater to your pubes!

    We've got oil for our scalp, skin, and hair, but what about the hair...down there? ~Fur~ recently released oil specifically for pubes, and some of the women of Ladylike thought, "WHY NOT GIVE IT A TRY?!" This is what happens when you oil your pubes for a week.

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    Just look at it in all its beauty. Fur oil is a $39 answer to all your pube prayers. It claims to "soften pubic hair and clear pores for fewer ingrowns." Let's see, shall we?

    Admit it, you don't openly talk about pubic hair, like, ever. It's not like it's a fun dinner topic for meeting the parents.

    Freddie, on the other hand, values honesty.

    Before getting started, the ladies had their own concerns.

    Freddie was off to a good start, enjoying her daily pube time.

    Candace was just a little confused by the whole catering to your pubes regimen.

    By the end of the week, Safiya had a good time but was questioning the point of it all.

    But hey, in the end, it opened up the conversation about pubes and reminded us that they need some love too.

    View this video on YouTube

    BuzzFeedYellow / Via