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    We Went Commando For A Week And Things Got Weird

    It was a... breeze.

    Turns out, going commando is not actually too bad for you. So, the Ladylike women decided to test it out by going commando for a week and doing a series of challenges while they let their kitties free.

    *Insert BF video*

    All three ladies had their own personal experiences with going commando:

    But throughout the week, the ladies would be going through five challenges to see how it felt to go commando.

    The ladies started the week off easy by sleeping commando for their first challenge AND all seemed well.

    They decided to take things up a notch by going commando while working out.

    FUN FACT: It's actually better for you. Shoutout to Dr. Yvonne.

    On day three the ladies wore leggings commando and felt dirty, but would do it again.

    But by day four, the ladies were feeling adventurous and decided to go commando while wearing a dress.

    To end the week on a more relaxed note, the ladies wore everyday outfits and things took a turn for the better.

    So, overall, lady tested? Lady free the coochie.

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