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    These Women Tested The "Flawless Foundation Hack" And It Is Definitely Worth A Try

    "It is better, if you have shine prone skin, to be doing this makeup hack."

    Many beauty bloggers have been trying this new "flawless foundation hack" (at least that's what our Freddie calls it) and swearing by it! So, naturally, we had to try it out:

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    First off, what is this foundation hack? The foundation hack is when you put setting powder on FIRST, followed by foundation, followed by ANOTHER layer of setting powder:

    The benefits include; using less product, being less shiny, needing less foundation throughout the day and having better coverage. 💁🏻

    The ladies each did their makeup "as normal" on one side of their face, and then used the hack on the other side. They then went about their day to test it out.

    While the ladies themselves didn't notice a huge difference, other people's reactions to the "hack side" were generally very positive. They felt like the side with the hack looked brighter and more matte than the other.

    And while there wasn't a huge amount of difference in how the ladies wearing the hack felt about the ~lewk~ in comparison to their normal one, they did enjoy the fact that they had used less product for one day.

    They also really liked that when they blotted at the end of the night, they had way less oil on the hack side. I mean, for those with oily skin, that's a blessing!

    All in all, they concluded that it was lady tested....lady would try it again!