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11 Fighting Moves For The Fight You'll Probably Never Have

You probably won't — and definitely shouldn't — get into a fight. But if you ever did, these moves could help. Better play it safe and just watch Fist Fight, in theaters February 17.

1. Overhead Axe Chop

2. Butterfly Knife Slice

3. Old-Fashioned Fisticuffs

4. Solar Plexus Punch

5. The Nut Punch

6. Round Up The Squad

7. Tie Opponent to a Horse and Let That Horse Do Its Thing

8. Hit Opponent With a Paint Gun

9. Smoke a Little Something Before the Fight

10. Launch Opponent Into Car Window

11. Get Opponent Arrested

Watch Ice Cube and Charlie Day duke it out with all these moves and more in Fist Fight, in theaters February 17.

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All images courtesy of Village Roadshow Pictures