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The 10 Struggles Of Being A Boyfriend In The Fall

Wait to get into a relationship until after Thanksgiving, then you will at least get presents out of the seasonal festivities. (Written by a self-aware girlfriend)

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1. The Halloween Costume Dilemma / Via

Because nothing proves how strong your relationship is like dressing up as Bacon and Eggs. Chances are you will spend some time trying to come up with a creative and witty costume, only to procrastinate on the purchase till two days before. This will likely result in being Danny and Sandy in Grease, because everyone has black in their closets.

2. Pumpkin Pictures

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I would say pumpkin picking, but we all know that is a lie. For extra points, make sure to wear a flannel and vest. To win the game use cute captions like "Glad I picked you" or "Love this pumpkin" or something you would never say in person without an internal vomit.

4. Just Modern Lumberjack Things


Nothing says "Paul Bunyan" like flannels, Bean Boots, and knit hats. You would be ready to add to the world's deforestation, if you had time between all the pictures.

In return, your girlfriend can't be mad when No-Shave November rolls around. (It adds to the authenticity?)

6. The Best Time To Wear An Itchy Sweater


Cue "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood.

You are either the JCrew Sweater type, or (if your girlfriend really loves you) the thrift store poppin, Bill Cosby, multicolored and traffic stoping sweater type.

8. A daily reminder, that it is the PERFECT temperature.


"If it could be this exact temperature, for the rest of my life, I would be happy."

In case you didn't realize that the dog days of summer or below freezing winters weren't ideal.

Let's face it twenty-somethings, we are in-betweeners in almost every sense. Including weather.

9. We Probably Got You Sick By Now

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The change of seasons, the sleep deprivation of midterms, and cuddle season makes the perfect campus plague. At least there are many hot beverages you can drink! (And new fall seasons of TV Shows!!)

10. But You'll Do It For The Mountain Trips


The one thing on this list you won't complain about. Somewhere between the vibrant views and the reintroduction of leggings, you will find yourself having a good time.

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