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What Snail Are You?

What snail are you?

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  1. How do you feel about people?

    I really love them!
    I like them.
    People are just fine.
    They make me tired sometimes, but it's alright.
    Not the biggest fan.
  2. Which of these words do you like the 'feel' of the most?

  3. Which of these is something you would find appealing most of the time?

    Don't worry if you like more than one - just choose the one that you would probably pick more often than the others, over all.

    Hanging out with friends
    Taking a nice walk
    Reading or being online
    Something really relaxing
    I tend to keep my options open
  4. How do you react when people ask you personal questions?

    Make sure to pick the one you find yourself doing the most often!

    I'm really glad they're interested in me!
    I'll ask them what they're like, too!
    That's nice, I'll answer them.
    I don't like to talk about myself very much.
    Sometimes I can get a little irritated.
  5. How do you deal with conflict?

    I hate it. It makes me upset.
    I don't like it, but I try to see their side, if I can.
    I try to avoid or ignore it.
    Doesn't bother me too much - I deal with it directly.
    I'm gonna get a bit aggressive to deal with this!
  6. How open do you consider yourself?

    Basically no idea is too "out there" for me - I almost always want to hear it!
    I'm very open and like to talk about new things!
    I think I'm pretty open.
    I don't mind new ideas, but I don't seek them out, either.
    I tend to hold onto my views.
  7. How do you tend to do work that you enjoy?

    Think about something that you both 1) somewhat enjoy doing and 2) needs to be done! Boring homework that you hate doesn't count.

    I zero in and focus aggressively until it's completely finished. It can even be obsessive at times!
    I work steadily and diligently until my task is complete. I never give up!
    I work in chunks, taking breaks when I need to. It will get done!
    I work in bursts of motivation and energy. When that runs out, I'll need to get some more!
    I work in a slow and stable way, and try my best to avoid too much stress!
  8. Do you like to ask questions in class?

    Of course! I want to know the answer, and that way, everyone else can know, too.
    Sure. I'll definitely ask if the professor is being unclear, at least.
    If it's necessary! Sometimes I'll ask after class, too.
    Definitely not, I don't like attention being drawn to myself. I'll ask after class or look it up later.
    No, I can figure it out myself and I don't want to interrupt. If I can't get it, I'll ask in office hours.
  9. Do you like having roommates?

    This question is assuming you get along with your roommates to a greater or lesser extent.

    Yes, I love roommates!
    Sure, why not?
    I don't mind them.
    Only if I have my own (private) room that I can go in when I get tired.
    I prefer not having roommates.
  10. What negative trait would you say you dislike most in others?

    Unkindness - don't be unnecessarily mean to others!
    Pushiness - don't constantly push your agenda!
    Rigidity - don't close yourself to new things and ideas!
    Insincerity - do what you said you would!
    Obnoxiousness - don't bother me needlessly!
  11. Which positive traits would say you have, above the others listed?

    Choose the one(s) that best describe you!

    I'm outgoing and colorful
    I'm receptive and peaceful
    I'm grounded and hardy
    I'm curious and active
    I'm focused and self-capable
  12. What kind of animal would you like as a pet?

    Something really cute!
    Something really cool!
    Something unusual and fun!
    Something tough and dependable!
    Something low-maintenance and nice!
  13. Stop!

    In the name of love!
    Collaborate and listen!
    Drop and roll!
    ...That's it. Just stop.

What Snail Are You?

You got: Glass Snail

You are a glass snail! You are focused in what you do and do it well. You're okay with being by yourself sometimes - you're an independent kind of snail, and aren't afraid to stand up for yourself or do what needs to be done! Your beautiful translucent shell lets everyone see you for who you are. Did you know: Glass Snails are also classified as semi-slugs?

Glass Snail
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You got: Grove Snail

You are a grove snail! You are a beautiful and adorable individual, and are well-liked. You don't mind being around a lot of people, and you're okay with standing out! You like warm and colorful things, and that's indicative of your warm and colorful personality. Did you know: Grove snails are the most common type of snail in Europe?

Grove Snail
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You got: Mystery Snail

You are a mystery snail! You are a calm and peaceful person that adds beauty to the situations that surround you. You don't mind being in your shell, but you also make sure to cherish the friends around you. Given the right conditions, you can also be a very active and adventurous person! Did you know: Mystery snails 'skydive' from the top of aquarium tanks for fun?

Mystery Snail
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You got: Roman Snail

You are a roman snail! You are an even-keel person that is very resilient to different situations, and your large and sturdy shell helps you maintain your grounded demeanor. You don't crave attention from others, but you don't mind it either, and you always like to keep your options open. Did you know: The roman snail is the most widely distributed snail in the world?

Roman Snail
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You got: Rabbit Snail

You are a rabbit snail! You are a very active and curious person, and get along well with lots of people, no matter how different they may be from you. You're always up for some fun, but need your rest every now and then. Don't forget to be nice to yourself! Did you know: Rabbit snails are also called "elephant snails" because of their long noses.

Rabbit Snail
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