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    High School Musical Vs. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series - How Old Were They Actually?!

    This is for the Editorial Fellowship.

    We know Hollywood is traditionally notorious for casting older actors to play high schoolers...

    moviegifss Tumblr / Via Giphy /

    ...but can you REALLY tell a difference? The 2019 release of "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" proved to be a pretty successful spin-off of the beloved 2006 film "High School Musical." (Coming from a verified millennial.) But how old do you think these actors were in their respective renditions of these roles? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they aren't *technically* playing Troy and Gabriella in the TV show... but just go with it. Guess who you think was older (in real life) in each corresponding role!

    You have to hand it to them, this franchise is still crushing it over a decade later. Major props!

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