This Woman Created Artwork With Her Period Blood And People Love It

    Timea Páll called the project "The Diary of My Period".

    This is Timea Páll, a 28-year-old graphic designer and musician in Romania, Oradea. She is also a self-confessed dog addict, and practises dog dancing with her border collie, Figaro.

    But alongside her work she is also an artist, and her most recent offering has generated a lot of discussion. Páll, who studied fine arts and visual communications, created a painting of a foetus using her own period blood over nine months and called it "The Diary of My Period".

    When she initially came up with the idea, Páll told BuzzFeed News, she was curious about whether it was actually possible to paint with period blood. So she tested it out by painting a self-portrait, and people loved it.

    And so her project, which consisted of painting one square of the image every month for nine months, began. Here's months 1, 2, and 3.

    Months 4, 5, and 6.

    And months 7, 8, and 9.

    On Páll's Facebook page she describes the meaning behind the project. She says the focus should not be on the blood, but rather on the menstrual flow. Here is her explanation in full:

    One drop of experiment and I realize the beauty of the pain, the value of the period, fertilizing my whole being.

    The periodic elimination of my ovum with my menstrual flow inspired me to give birth to something which has a biological end and to create the start of the end.

    The focus is not on the blood, but the work has it's message because of the menstrual flow. Each month a woman has the chance to became pregnant, but with the menstrual flow the ovum is eliminated, and the chance to have a baby in not relevant at all.

    My concept with this elimination of the ovum, through the menstrual blood I gave birth to an artwork during these nine months and actually I created a "start of the end".

    I feel that this artwork has a mission, even if it's not able to see, to talk, or to breathe but maybe the audience will see, talk and breath instead of this little creature, independently from any sexual orientation, any skin tone or religious views… When an "ovum dies" an "artwork is born".

    Páll told BuzzFeed News the reaction towards "The Diary of My Period" has been mixed, with people describing her work as "disgusting, gross, crazy, and weird" and accusing her of just wanting attention. "But," she added, "on the other side, so many positive messages and attitudes with great words, like fantastic, outside the box, original, wonderful, motivational, emotional."

    Pall said she would love for more people to see her work. "I really would like to expose my work at art galleries as well, all over the world," she said, "to shock people that it doesn't have any smell at all."