The Woman Whose Powerful Grenfell Speech Went Viral Has Been Removed From Facebook

    The local volunteer said all her video footage of the Grenfell community has been removed from Facebook because her account was deemed "abusive or spam".

    The woman who went viral after a "secret recording" of her heartfelt speech about Grenfell survivors in the houses of parliament was shared on social media has been removed from Facebook.

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    MzBhaver Raver – not her real name – is a local volunteer who has been documenting the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy and sharing video footage on her Facebook page. Her profile and all her video footage has been removed from the social network after being deemed "abusive or spam".

    Raver has chosen to go by her nickname on Facebook, and is referred to as "Mz B" by locals around the Grenfell community. She also chooses not to verify or reveal her real name to Facebook as the company has requested.

    Despite using the platform for more than eight years, she said, this is the first time she's been blocked, and she has been asked to share personal information about herself. She also said the blocking happened shortly after posting her videos of the Grenfell community – which have been shared widely across various social media platforms – to her Facebook page.

    Raver said the last time she was able to access her Facebook profile was on Monday, before she received a notification on her phone telling her that she had been logged out of the app. When she tried to log back into the app, Facebook asked her to provide evidence of who she was and verify her real name, she said.

    "I'm a law-abiding citizen," she said, "and I don't understand why I'm being treated [by Facebook] this way. ... I'm posting what's happening to real people."

    She said there are many pages on Facebook that appear to get away with sharing abusive content, and that the videos she has been sharing over the last three weeks are merely expressing the sentiments of the community trying to heal after the disaster.

    "All the videos have gone – the video of the woman who was across the road who was on the floor crying out in grief, crying out in pain, which, to me, epitomised heartbreak, gone," she said.

    "I've been talking to the young men at the time the tensions were really rife," she said. "I've shown the visible presence of the police community. I've shown the sentiment and the outpouring of love in this community."

    Raver continued: "Facebook would not be what it is today without the power of the people. I feel quite bullied, actually, I don't see why I should be. I wasn't threatening anybody, I wasn't calling out anybody, I was merely sharing and expressing [the] sentiments of the community."

    Raver is now calling for people to delete their Facebook profiles in response to what she's experienced.

    "There was life before social media," she said. "If we don't stand for anything, we'll fall for everything ... This is really not acceptable. All I was doing was reporting on what has happened and what's continuing to happen."

    A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that they are investigating the matter.