A Man Says His Video Of Hedgehogs Simultaneously Having A Meal Was Stolen From His Facebook Page

    UPDATE: Polish man Jerzy Gara told BuzzFeed News that the video was stolen from his Facebook page, and then reuploaded without his knowledge.

    A man has claimed that this video of eight tiny hedgehogs sharing a meal after being separated from their mum was stolen from his Facebook page and then uploaded to Rumble – a website that pays users for submitting videos.

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    The video was uploaded to Rumble by 24-year-old Jakub Sokalski, from Poland, (Rumble user name qbaz) who told BuzzFeed News on Monday that he found the eight baby hedgehogs all alone on the side of the road around two weeks ago.

    Sokalski also said that he suspected that their mother had been run over by a car, and as a result were under “extreme stress".

    However, on Tuesday, Jerzy Gara, from Kłodzko, Poland, contacted BuzzFeed News and said the video was taken from his Facebook page and uploaded to Rumble without his knowledge.

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    A spokesperson for Rumble told BuzzFeed News that the video in question has been disabled and they are investigating the claim.

    Gara, who said that he has 10 years of experience in caring for hedgehogs, said that he found the eight baby creatures in nearby village, Nowa Ruda, after their mother was killed on the road.

    He now looks after the family of eight. And the tiny creatures appear to be very happy in their new home.

    Facebook: video.php


    This post has been updated with quotes from the true owner of the eight adorable hedgehogs.

    Visit the RSPCA website for information on how to report a sick, injured, or trapped animal in distress.

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