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How Crazy Are Your Stalking Skills?

Are you the kind of girl who needs no introductions? But the other way around; like no one needs to introduce themselves to you. Take the 5 questions quiz and find out if you're FBI investigator level crazy!

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  1. You've already stalked them, but you just meet in person for the first time. They introduce themselves to you. What are you thinking?

    You can drop the act, I know your story
    LMAO i already know your name, where you go to school, and where you work
    Interesting, I'd love to learn more about them
    Act intrigued like you're learning it for the first time
  2. They're texting someone on their phone. What are you doing?

    Is it Jessica?? Or maybe it's just Peter, they're best friends after all....OR BRITNEY?
    *leans over to try and get a peak at the profile picture*
    Don't mind it, just do your own thing
    Ask "so who are you talking to?" nicely, and try to figure out who it is from they way they reply
    Make and excuse to get behind or beside them so you can see who it is
  3. They add you back on Facebook. What do you do?

    Nothing, you only need to reach them through messenger anyway
    Look through every single picture and post they have ever made or been tagged in
    Go through all the comments and likes to try and figure out who their closest friends are. Then do a quick browse at what they have to offer.
    Check who their friends are, where they come from, and figure out how their connections were formed.
    Look at how many likes they have on their profile picture/cover photo.
  4. They follow you on Instagram! What do u do?

    Quickly scroll through their recent pictures
    Analyze every picture for the time, place, and people involved.
    Check their pictures with other people and pictures they are tagged in. Who are they??
    Use their Instagram name to try and find their other social media accounts (like twitter).
    Check the accounts they follow to see what they like.
  5. You send them a message but they haven't replied yet...What do you do?

    Check if they are online, or when they were last online and compare to time you sent the message.
    Wait for them to reply, they might be busy.
    Double text them.
    Check their activity across different social medias since you sent the message.
    Triple, or quadruple text them.

How Crazy Are Your Stalking Skills?

You got: Stage Sane

The stage you stalk someone at is Sane!

Stage Sane
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You got: Stage Unstable

Uh oh, a little edgy on privacy aren't you? You've received stage unstable!

Stage Unstable
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You got: Stage CRAZY

You received stage CRAZY! You've got 0% self-control, and 100% curiostiy! Also a little obsessive...hmm

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