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    5 Morrissey Tracks You Might Not Know (But Should)

    Morrissey has been gracing the music world with his unique, emotive lyrics and exceptional baritone vocals since he launched The Smiths with guitarist Johnny Marr in the 80's. Since those iconic years with the group - who disbanded in '87 - Morrissey has been filling the ensuing years with solo music that has touched generations of music lovers the world over. From those heady days of the 80s right up to present day, the legendary Mancunian has released an amazing 13 solo studio albums, going from strength to strength with releases such as Vauxhall & I, You Are The Quarry, Low In High School and I Am Not A Dog On A Chain. Although his albums and his many classic hit singles are well known amongst his fans, there are a few gems that remain relatively unknown to some. Here I take a look at just 5 tracks that you might not have heard (but you really should!)


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    Morrissey / Via Sam Esty Rayner's YouTube channel

    Photographer and artist Sam Esty Rayner is Morrissey's nephew, and it is he who first introduced Morrissey's legion of fans to this hidden gem, considered a "lost track" from his uncle's back catalogue. Made available on Rayner's Youtube Channel, Blue Dreamers Eyes is an evocative and compelling number filled with a beautiful orchestral arrangement. With lyrics only Morrissey could deliver with such an emotional punch, including "I'm scum and I've always been scum, and that's just the way it's gone..." Blue Dreamers Eyes is a fantastic delve into one of the rare moments of the singers musical history.


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    Morrissey/Boorer/BMG / Via

    This Song Doesn't End When It's Over is one of those songs that's impossible to forget once you've heard it. It really doesn't end when it's over - it remains firmly in your head. Lifted from the Bonus/Deluxe version of Morrissey's 2017 album, Low In High School, the 3.5 minute track is a dark, emboldened journey. Co-written with his longtime collaborator Boz Boorer, it's a song which sounds vaguely threatening, with Morrissey's dark, powerful and booming vocals making sure his enemy knows that no matter what happens, he'll always be there...

    By The Time I Get To Where I'm Going

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    Morrissey / Via Sam Esty Rayner YouTube channel.

    Thought to be a track recorded during 2017, By The Time I Get To Where I'm Going made its appearance on Youtube and has become a much-loved track by the legend's legions of fans since. Upbeat, with an undeniably infectious melody, Morrissey fills the track with his deliciously smooth vocals, a sense of longing perceptible amongst his self-penned lyrics.


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    Morrissey/BMG/Chrissie Hynde / Via

    Diehards of the Brit legend know that Morrissey is a big fan and friend of singer Chrissie Hynde (of The Pretenders). So when he recorded a cover version of Back On The Chain Gang, originally released by Hynde in 1982, they were eager to hear what the artist would do with his own version of the hit. They were not disappointed. A deliciously upbeat and catchy track, with an apparent 60's pop vibe, Back On The Chain Gang makes a fabulous addition to the singer's back catalogue.


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    "Smile and wave and always be friendly, but you don't need their approval
    for anything you want to sing about/there are things that must be said/
    should I stay in bed and wait for someone else to say them instead?"
    So Morrissey sings in this "lost track" made available by Sam Esty Rayner via his YouTube channel. You Don't Need Their Approval sounds like it could be an anthem, at least lyrically, for Morrissey, who has undergone much unfair judgement and ridicule over the years from the mainstream press. With music from guitarist and collaborator Jessie Tobias, this song is a quirky and memorable track.