9 Types Of Facebook Parents We Could Do Without

Your parents are on Facebook and they’re driving you nuts. The good news is you’re not alone. Give your folks fewer reasons to be social media spazzes when you claim your financial freedom by opening your own account at Fifth Third Bank.

1. The empty-nester.

neylonstein / Via instagram.com

2. The awkward commenter.

Alex Cardens / Via instagram.com

3. The thinly-veiled criticizer.

Sydney Rosengarten / Via Twitter: @sydrosengartenn

4. The overactive liker.

Mikala Bierma

5. The lesson giver.

raisinrej / Via instagram.com

6. The embarrassing childhood picture poster.

Will Herring

7. The chain letter believer.

catherine carroll / Via Twitter: @catscarlett

8. The cheerleader.

Erica Harris / Via instagram.com

9. The out-of-touch-but-in-your-Facebook-er.

Katie Strath / Via instagram.com
forgottenxcoast / Via instagram.com

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