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15 Signs You Might Not Be A Grown-Up Yet

So you just graduated and moved out, but adulthood isn't that easy. Take one step toward being more grown-up when you open an account with Fifth Third Bank.

1. Your kitchen area looks like this.

2. You stayed up too late watching weird documentaries online and can't stay awake in class.

3. You're still scared of going to the dentist because you haven't flossed in months.

4. There might be a warrant out for your arrest for your many unpaid parking tickets on campus.

5. You always travel in your pajamas, whether it be to the airport or to your first lecture of the day.

6. You haven't found the time to buy milk in days, but you're still eating cereal.

7. You can't remember the last time you and your roommates cleaned the bathroom.

8. You've had candy for dinner more than once.

9. You can't keep your succulents alive, even though they're designed to survive in the DESERT.

10. Your notes from Intro to Philosophy seem a little...distracted?

11. You definitely don't own an iron.

12. You just showed up to class with the temporary tattoo from last night's party still on.

13. You tried to convince the administration to let you pay your tuition in twenty dollar bills.

14. You forgot to check the weather and got caught in the rain again.

15. And you threw your back out in the bounce castle at your baby cousin's birthday party.