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Paid PostPosted on Jul 11, 2013

13 Tricked Out Dorms That'll Awaken Your Inner Decorator

One of the most fun parts of setting out to college is getting to decorate your dorm room without mom and dad interfering with your vision. Here are some dorm designs, from delicate to silly, that will inspire you to make yours unique.

1. The peace and love den:

Shiva calm / Via

2. The color coordinated chambers:

dylanburd / Via

3. The MIT minimalist:

Jordan Lloyd Norman Allison / Via

4. The fearless pattern matcher:

Amy Fritcher / Via

5. The game-ready man den:

kristarecord / Via

6. The pink on pink on pink pad:

KristaAerialHerrera / Via

7. The rising star studio set up:

Empire The Nation Records / Via

8. The bookworm paradise:

Tony Hall / Via Flickr: anotherphotograph

9. The sport fan chill zone:

thehaleystevens / Via

10. The double-decker comfort palace:

Dawson McGavock / Via

11. The patriotic nest:

Vincent Aubert / Via

12. The outside on the inside zen zone:

Cassie Reardon / Via

13. The dreams come true room:

half alive / Via Flickr: batterypower